SHOULD  I register ?

You have to register with your detail

What type of renderings can be submitted?

Your rendering(s) can take the form of a perspective . As long as it portrays the spirit of GHOST CITY, which part or all of a CITY or BUILDING or group of buildings, it is ELIGIBLE. It can be located anywhere in the world and be at any scale. You are welcome to submit a collage as long as the entire image remains square.


What file types can I submit?
Each file should be a maximum size of 10 MB file size. For image quality we recommend an image size of at least 2000 pixels wide at 72 dpi. JPGs are recommended, though PNGs and PDFs are acceptable.

Can I submit more than one rendering?

Yes! You can submit as many renderings as you like but each counts as a separate entry with its own entry fee.

What dimensions should my rendering have?
Submit 1 image with a minimum width of 2000 pixels. Your image can have LANDSCAPE or SQUARE proportions, 

Can my rendering be of an existing building or buildings?

Yes. Your rendering can illustrate a new architectural proposal or existing piece of architecture. It should capture the experience the spirit of Ghost City, within the pandemic COVID-19 recent situation.

How will my renderings be judged?

Submissions will be judged according to three key criteria: CONCEPTUAL, AESTHETICS, REPRESENT COVID-19 SITUATION. SEE OUR JUDGING CRITERIA PAGE

What type of software can I use to create my rendering?

Any 3D modeling software and post-production software (such as photoshop) can be used. The image should be identifiable as a rendering rather than a photo, and evidence of the model may be asked for if this is not clear in the submission. AAnewNormal team will use its discretion to judge eligibility and reserves the right to disqualify entries.

How can I be sure you have received my entry?

You will receive a confirmation email with your entry number. Acknowledging receipt of your entry. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 48hrs, please email competitions@AAnewnormal.com


Can multiple people submit a rendering as a team?

Yes! Teams of up to FIVE (5) can submit an entry. One person in the team must be designated the “team leader”. In the event a team wins, prize money will be given to the team leader and they will be responsible for distributing the prize among their team members.

Can I withdraw my entry? Will I get a refund?

You may withdraw your entry by emailing competitions@AAnewnormal.com Refunds WILL be issued for entries that are withdrawn within 2 x 24 hours of being submitted. Refunds WILL NOT be issued for entries withdrawn after 48 hours of being submitted.

I just graduated. Can I enter as a Student?

Class of 2020 students that just graduated or are about to graduate can enter as Students. Please use your student email address or send us student ID card as this will help us verify your status with your University in the event that you are selected as a Winner. If you graduated in 2019 or earlier, you must enter as a Non-Student.


Do I have to be based in the United States to participate?

No. The New Normal Ghost City Rendering Challenge is a global awards program.

Does the entry description need to be in English?

Yes. In order to ensure our judges are able to review and score your work we require your descriptions to be submitted in English.

Do I need to be an architect to enter?

No. The New Normal Ghost City Rendering Challenge celebrates the architectural process and all of those who aspire to create great architecture. Students, design enthusiasts and the general public are encouraged to submit.

Is judging anonymous?

Yes. The entrant’s identity will not be revealed to the public during public voting, nor to the jurors during juror voting.

Who is the New Normal Ghost City Rendering Challenge jury?

The New Normal Ghost City Rendering Challenge Jury will comprise 2-10 practitioners and thought leaders from the worlds of architecture, design and technology, each with a special connection to rendering. The jury represents those leaders who are actively bringing architecture to the public today, both online and in the built environment. 

What is the New Normal Ghost City Rendering Challenge timeline?

Opening Call for Entries: May 20, 2020
Early Bird Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Regular Entry Deadline: July 20th, 2020
Late Entry Deadline: August 20th, 2020
Last Minute Entry Deadline: October 20th, 2020
Winners Announced: November 20th, 2020

Is it possible to receive the judges rating and/or comments for my entry?

Unfortunately due to the high volume of entries, The New Normal committee cannot offer individual comments to its entrants.

How many entrants will win the One Rendering Challenge?

120 entrants will be shortlisted. Out of these Finalists, two winners will be selected by our Jury to win the $2000 cash prize ($1000 for each category student & non student winner), with 20 honourable mentions, which will received certificate. Student Winners will be verified through their univesity before receiving the prize.

What do I get if I win the New Normal Ghost City Rendering Challenge or if my entry is chosen as a Finalist?

To help promote achievement, Finalists will receive coverage on AAnewnormal.com and in AANewnormal social media channels. Finalists are also featured in the “the New Normal Ghost City Rendering” ebook, published by AAnewnormal.com 

Further help and Support

If the questions above don't answer your question, please email us at competitions@newnormal.com and we'll be glad to help.